Magento’s multiCall method

Magento’s multiCall method (not to be confused with the xmlrpclib function of the same name) allows multiple API methods to be called in one request which can drastically speed up multiple queries.

The multiCall wrapper breaks from the normal pymagento usage to make it easier to programatically generate bulk queries. For example:

>>> all_prods = api.catalog_product.list({
...     'sku': [{'neq': ''}, {'notnull': 'true'}],
... })
>>> len(all_prods)
>>> all_skus = [i['sku'] for i in all_prods]
>>> all_prod_details = api.multiCall([
...     [['', [sku]] for sku in all_skus],
...     [['catalog_product_attribute_media.list', [sku]] for sku in all_skus],
... ])


multiCall does not raise faultCode exceptions

With normal pymagento use, if you call a server method incorrectly (by calling a method that does not exist or calling a method with incorrect parameters) xmlrpclib will raise a Fault exception:

Traceback (most recent call last):
Fault: <Fault 3: 'Invalid api path.'>

When using Magento’s multiCall method those Fault codes are embeded in the return data structure so you will have to look for them manually:

>>> api.multiCall([['thisdoesnotexist', []]])
[{'faultCode': '3', 'faultMessage': 'Invalid api path.', 'isFault': True}]